Jumat, 15 April 2011

The experience of Micro Teaching

Why do you deserve your award? Graduating summa cum laude doesn't really measure brilliance per se. However, since it considers one's cumulative performance over the past four years, then I think it gauges discipline, consistency, and passion in a micro day-to-day scale. I think that's what I've exemplified by pouring all my heart in everything I do.

How will you be of service to your country? Though greener pastures certainly exist elsewhere, I will not desert the Philippines. Perhaps, if we could all stay and contribute our best efforts to the country, we will be the "greener pasture" others flock to one day.

The Function Of Micro Teaching

a. Menganalisis tingkah laku mengajar kawan sejawat dan dirinya sendiri
b. Mempraktikkan berbagai teknik mengajar dengan benar dan tepat
c. Mewujudkan situasi belajar-mengajar yang efektif dan efisien

Micro Teaching

Why microteach?

Microteaching is organized practice teaching. The goal is to give instructors confidence, support, and feedback by letting them try out among friends and colleagues a short slice of what they plan to do with their students. Ideally, microteaching sessions take place before the first day of class, and are videotaped for review individually with an experienced teaching consultant. Microteaching is a quick, efficient, proven, and fun way to help teachers get off to a strong star

How to microteach.

As many as six teachers from the same or similar courses can participate in a single microteaching session. Course heads, a few experienced instructors, and a Bok Center staff member are usually invited to serve as facilitators. While one person takes his or her turn as teacher, everyone else plays the roles of students. It is the job of these pretend pupils to ask and answer questions realistically. It is the job of the pretend teacher to involve his or her "class" actively in this way.